English Belonging Essay

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With a piece of chalk.
Joshua!! Joshua, Joshua…, as the sound of my father yelling echo’s hollowing through my mind as I wake from my peaceful slumber of serenity. Same old day, my parents arguing like venomous poison with each sound I look at my bowl of cereal in front on me as I stir my spoon round and round carelessly daydream when this torment would end. And as my mum runs of crying my dad screams once again JUSTIN. I wake up from my desk to find myself in my school desk wide awake and not knowing if I was dreaming or not. A note on my table, I open it and I find the writing “loser” as it cuts me deep through my heart like a knife cutting something fragile. The day ends with the bell ringing where I wait for my parents to pick me up, but nowhere in sight I try to find but only to be disappointed and left alone, scared and alienated. Unwanted, expelled and exiled from the rest of the world, my soul starts searching for a gateway to paradise but nothing in sight but a piece of chalk. I stumble upon this chalk and I pick it up, with my elementary skills I draw hopscotch on the ground in the schoolyard playground. I just wanted anything to get my mind of things. I start using my hopscotch and started labeling from 1 to 5. Every step I take I make up moves to the beat I had in my mind. From one step to another I suddenly feel free and careless about my problems until I wake up the next day repeating the say routine of my parents arguing while this time only to see my mum crying beside me and I still repeating the same thing I’ve done the past days, staring blanklessly in my cereal wondering how life would be like If it was normal. I start to phase out and then wake up to arrive at a wall surrounded by some kids at school yelling names