English: Bible and John Essay

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John woke up to the sound of waves smashing against the shore he was soaking wet, covered in mucky sand, and as alone as he has ever been in his life. After a few minutes John had remembered what happened. His plane was trapped in the middle of a terrible storm and had crashed. The last thing he could recall was the pilot saying “we’re going down!”John began to explore the island and stumbled upon four ancient looking chests. In front of the chest was a sign “Choose one to survive the island”. The chests were labeled Books, Movies, Video games, and CD’s. John thought to himself which one is going to help me survive or maybe even get off this island. He decided that listening to music or playing video games wasn’t really going to keep him very entertained. It was between movies and books. John thought movies would be a good choice because he loved to watch them maybe there was a movie that could teach him how to hunt or what to eat and what not to. He also thought books would be a good choice because he enjoyed reading and could also learn valuable things from them. In the end John choose books because he knew even if the book wasn’t what he wanted he could always use it to start a fire. John opened the chest labeled books and inside he found three books. The first one was the Holy Bible, the second was Man vs. Wild Survival techniques for the most dangerous places on earth, and the last book he pulled out was a thick journal. John was happy; he thought the blank journal, Man vs. Wild, and the bible would give him a good chance at staying alive. The book that will be the most useful on the island will be the journal. John will be able to document his story to keep him occupied. John could use to the journal to write down what he did everyday so when he does get rescued he can tell his story to the world. John can also write down memories of his past to keep him occupied and remembering his family. He could draw pictures of things to keep busy and remember what his homeland looks like. John could even use the journal to write his own fictional story just to keep him occupied. Not only will the journal be useful for entertainment purposes but John can use it to document the things he sees on the island. He can make notes of where the good spots to fish are, what to eat and what not to, and even draw a map of the island. In addition to its writing uses, John can always use the paper in the journal as a great fire starter since islands are usually pretty green, and there are not many things around to get a fire going. Not only will the journal prove to be very useful on the island the Holy Bible can be very inspiring for John to keep his mind positive. The Bible is full of great stories of people overcoming adversity that are very motivating that will help John when he doubts himself. The Bible will also help John stay positive, staying positive on the island will be key to survival because if John gets down on himself he will start losing his will to survive. Another great thing about the bible is its length it’s very long and takes some people as long as a whole year to finish and most people read it over and over. The stories in the Bible will help John stay in touch with his emotions. There are many types of stories in the Bible touching on every single emotion the human body is able to produce. In addition to the reading what the Bible offers it will also help John get in touch with his religion and will remind him to pray and keep in touch with God. He can even use it to meditate, to put himself into a happy place. The Bible will provide some great reading on the island but