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Kailee Moore
English 11 H
John Howard Griffin’s Affects John Howard Griffin made a huge decision on becoming a black man. His Experiment had affected everyone dramatically. These affects vary from good to bad. With his choice of his experiment it will have an unknown ending. John Howard Griffin had affected the lives of his family, friends, everyone and the future. First of all, his wife and kids was affected most of all. His wife and kids”…had sold their home and all their furniture and left for Mexico…” (Page 162). The experiment had such a negative effect on his wife and kids that they had to move to a new country. They had to move because of all the threats from the experiments. With this they had to “…hope to find a new life.” (Page 162). If he never did the experiment they might have just had a great life in the United States. Furthermore, his mother was also very affected by this experiment. It had gotten so bad that she was getting threats.”…my mother had received her first threatening call.” (Page 150). They were getting to him through his mother by scaring her. “Sickened that they would pick on a man’s mother and strike at him through terrorizing her…” (Page 151). His poor mother had to put up with this fear because of his experiment. Likewise, both his wife, kids, mother, and father were all together a huge part of being affected. “I immediately made calls and asked for police surveillance of both my home and parents’ home.” (Page 151). His whole family overall was affected in a negative manner. They were always in fear of something horrible might happening. With all of this they had to move in despite of all the hatred and anger they were getting. Incidentally, everyone he had encountered were getting affected. John Howard Griffin even knew that if people found out who he had talked to, or encountered that something was going…