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Sweat drips from CWO 2 Mark Kimes’ brow as he holds his baton steadily, directing the 42nd Infantry Division Band through a rendition of “Army Strong. “ Eloquently the euphonium, trumpet and trombone sound off with command before they are politely ushered into the abyss by the woodwinds and timpani drum. The crowd quietly stares with honor in their eyes, until Kimes ushers the piece to a close, spurring applause that roar like a hero’s welcome.
“What a rush and great feeling,” trumpet player, Spc. Robert Contini said. “The opportunities we have had to play throughout this year’s tour are phenomenal. I’m proud I serve.”
Members of the 42nd Infantry Division Band completed an eight-city concert tour across the state showcasing their special skill-set of entertaining citizens near and far. During the tour, the group made stops in New York City, Chautauqua, Port Ewen, Lake George, Saratoga Springs and Patterson.
The group of 34 soldiers serves as an Army ceremonial band in the state of New York. Its mission is to support military ceremonies, parades, concerts and civic entertainment as needed in New York and abroad.
During this year’s tour the band was invited to perform on some of America’s greatest stages. “Lincoln Center is New York’s music Mecca, said Kimes. It holds such a high caliber of notice, not only in the state, but the world. What better place could we showcase Army Strong?” asked the band commander.
Another high profile invitation was offered by the city of Chautauqua, which is world recognized for its musical culture. “It’s a small city with strong roots in music,” Kimes described. “The city has its own opera house where some of the world’s best acts perform.”
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