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Bailey Breuer
4/10/14 3B

I would want to spend 14 Tuesdays with Kurt Cobain. I would want to spend this time with Kurt because he was so swaggy and his whole life is such an inspiration.
His parents divorced at an early age, and to Kurt’s dismay his father remarried. His mother got into a new relationship with a man who abused her, to the point where in one instance she was hospitalized with a broken arm. After observing this abuse at home Kurt began to bully a boy at school, which got so bad that his father decided to take him to therapy.
In June of 1979, Kurt’s mother granted his father full custody of him. I personally feel that Kurt Cobain was a great inspiration and could teach important values to today’s youth. I also believe that Kurt really knew how to live, what was important to value and what life really means. In my personal opinion I believe that Kurt Cobain had a passion for living and lived his life to the fullest extent he could. His drug abuse started at the young age of 13, with marijuana. Soon his drug use became more intense with LSD, and then he even turned to heroin. His addiction to heroin began in 1990. In 1992 it even started to affect his “Nevermind” tour he was on with Nirvana. He searched for help in ’92, he went to rehab for a little while and soon had to leave because he was becoming a father and going on another tour. I personally believe that his drug use made him a more creative and deep person. I admire him for the fact that he didn’t promote drug use, he