Brief Summary: An Analysis Of The Power Of War

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Chapter 4:
The two characters are very honest with each other
They are in an aggressive situation – so are aggressive with each other

Chapter 5:
In chapter 5, Lev and Kolya go to the market to buy the eggs – they end up going to the apartment to find out he’s a cannibal
Authorities go and check and he’s not there
Child’s rib cage and a women’s leg hanging from the ceiling
Significance of the scene is that the audience sees the length people will go to in order to survive
Lev and Kolya’s relationship becomes stronger due to this obstacle they’ve encountered- we get to see how they react in this situation
Masculinity and feminism is showed through the cannibal couple – man goes out to look for the prey and the woman stays at home and cooks it
Writers presentation of the truth is that people will deceive other people in order to survive and shows how selfish people can be

Chapter 6:
Lev apologises to Kolya for running away
They become friendlier with each other
Shows how war has become such a big part of their lives when they start to recognise different fighter planes
Become emotional when people play piano
Lev is devastated by the destruction of the building he stayed in

Chapter 7:
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Chapter 8:
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Chapter 9 (us):
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Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:
Something happens idk

Chapter 12:
Lev and kolya continue walking and discover counterfeit money
Lev burns the money and then they hear a howl from a dog
Scene has discussions with jewish belief
Shows how decisive Kolya is – decides to walk towards dog, burn money and kill dog
Kolya hasn’t lost his compassionate nature and kills the dog so it doesn’t suffer

Chapter 13:
Men are presented as very confident in their appearance, but not so much within
Women are almost useless in war except for sex
War is presented as dreadful as many