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Khaled Mitwally
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English 1301

There are many different kinds of jobs one may find interesting and may see that it is the perfect job for them. One of the greatest paths to choose from that will bring success and satisfaction in your future work is to pursue a career in the medical field. There are plenty of job types that vary from many different kinds of work in the medical field, and whether one decides to work as surgeon or even in the lab with medicine, most people will find a field of work that interests them and fits their personality. There are many different types of doctors and specialists; one of the most interesting specializations is fertility. Being a fertility specialist involves interactions with many new people, building long term friendly relationships with patients, using advanced technology, and many other interesting things. It also involves plenty of communication with other people in different ways, and there will always be good experiences and rather not good experience. Not everybody is fit for the position of becoming a doctor, and it takes many consistent years of hard work, training, and a generally higher level of education. Especially when planning to become a sub specialist because it will take many extra years of training for the residency (Hibma). There are many other physical and personal requirements needed to be met in order to become a successful doctor too, as well as a large financial responsibility for medical school. Along with that comes a large outcome of profits later on. The job is a tough job as well, especially through the residency and fellowship training required after medical school to become a specialist. When looking to find a career in the medical field it is always a good idea to take into consideration what kind of people will be involved, the kind of situations one will encounter throughout that career and the type of work that will be involved. It is also important to have a feel for the type of working atmosphere fertility specialists work in, to be familiar with the area of medicine that will be involved and to understand patient confidentiality as it is an important part of being a doctor. As a fertility specialist there will be many experiences and different types of people involved throughout this career; especially starting with the residency. Helping to treat men and women who are infertile to reproduce and start a family takes a lot of time, hard work and it is what fertility specialists are all about (Reproductive specialist). It helps build great relationships between patients and their doctor, as well as meeting and seeing plenty of new faces. Fertility specialists usually face great success with their treatments but it is not guaranteed to go the right way every time, and many people will not be able to be successful with the treatment (Reproductive specialist). It will be the doctor’s responsibility to inform the patients about any necessary information regarding their treatment (Reproductive specialist). Also whether the specialist is working in a hospital or expanding their own private practice, they will also deal with employees of different kinds or partners in the same line of work. There will always be disagreements and not the best relationships with future employees, as it is important to control any anger and to keep all interactions as professional as possible. As there is training required in order to become a specialist, there will be many tough takes and learning to undergo, as well as knowledge and situations to build experience upon. As easy as the job may seem to be, it requires plenty of training and schooling in order to become a fertility specialist. People who are interesting in becoming one must consider getting into medical school. First they will need to take pre med courses and should major in biology, chemistry, or other science related subjects. Taking the MCAT test…