English Civir War Vs Revolution Essay

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Discuss and analyze the significance of both the English and American Revolutions? How were they similar and how were they different? (i.e. strategies, goals, intentions, outcomes). How are the revolutions connected? What effect have they had on the modern world?

The English Civil War was part of a series of conflicts that spanned the entire British Isles, involving Scotland and Ireland as well as England. This war is also known as "The Great Rebellion", the British Civil Wars and Commonwealth period witnessed the trial and execution of a king, the formation of a republic in England which was ran by the parliament. The war was an attempt to unite the three nations under a single government which lead into the creation of a modern British constitution. During this time the parliament’s was lead by a man named John Pym, who has an assumption in which the King showed more loyalty towards the Roman Catholics. This could have been due to the fact king Charles was married to a French princess. King Charles saw the parliament was broken up into parts so as his decision to dissolve the parliament continued he focused mainly on the second parliament. This parliament was to protect the people allowing them to impeach the king if necessary. During all this Charles was fighting a war which the parliament denied any funding/ supplied for the war until his debts and issues were addressed. The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War which created “The Declaration of Independence”. This revolution was one of the most important wars in the history of the world. It was fought between the Kingdom of Great Britain vs thirteen British colonies. The 13 colonies were fighting for liberty, free press, right of free speech, lowering of taxes along with many other rights. The American revolutionaries fought against the far superior and advanced British forces for 8 years and eventually defeated them at the battle of Yorktown, and Charleston, These rebels called the new nation the United States of America.
Each revolutionary war showed signs of inequalities which made each war unique. During the American Revolution, Parliamentary taxation played