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The SQ3R reading strategy is very different from the way I read my class course material before when I first started this university with my first course I didn’t really read the material and or write notes. In result of not reading I had failed that course. I then had realized that to get through I had to force myself to read. It was the only way I was going to understand the questions. I still till this day have trouble with reading materials. Sometimes I have to read and reread until I find what I’m looking for. I get distracted so easily. I don’t read books or magazines because I can’t keep focused long enough to get through the entire article. When I cannot keep focused I lose interest easily. The SQ3R reading strategy stands for survey (skim headings, subheadings, chapter summery, charts, and tables in text.), Question (turn headings and subheadings into questions.), Recite (summarize what you learned), read (read to find the answers you’re looking for by highlighting or underlining.), review (go back and read over your notes). By using the SQ3R strategy it will help you understand and relate to what you are reading. For example if the article headline says; House fire at 2509 Main Street. First you would survey it to make sure it wasn’t somebody you knew. Then you question it to know how it happened? Then recite to yourself the facts of the article. Read over the facts to make sure you didn’t miss anything important information. I am sure that when you’re a