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Jade Johnson
En1010 Composition
February 16, 2015 Single Parent Homes

Recent studies show that most children are raised in a home where one parent is absent. In addition, the father is most likely the parent that is absent from the home. Most children face self esteem problems in a single parent home. This could lead to poor performance in school sometimes even behavioral problems. Also most children have hygiene issues because they cannot afford health care service. Some single parents are more likely to have children that are overweight or underweight. That affects the nutrition habits because they do not eat properly or get regular exercise. Having a single parent can affect education, hygiene, and nutrition in a negative way.

First, single parenting causes children to perform poorly in school. Also they tend to have low scores in subjects like math and science. This can affect the child's cumulative grade point average. Some children would have to be held back because their performance did not meet requirements. In addition, single parents work a lot more that leads less time to help with homework. For example, my mother was a single parent who had to work long hours like 3 pm to 12 am. Sometimes she would be too tired to help me during the day. So that left me no choice but to figure it out on my own. Children of lower income families are less likely to attend private schools because of low income. Private schools provide better education for the child. They are more likely to succeed if attending private school. Public schooling sometimes has a reputation for bad teaching, rowdy kids, and worn down textbooks.

Second, sometimes the parents are unable to take care of the children's personal hygiene. Some single parents cannot afford health care service for their children. For instance, if a parent cannot afford insurance certain jobs will consider their benefits. However those benefits cannot be promise if the parent loses the job. Besides, no health insurance most children have low self esteem because of their hygiene issues. For example, when I was in school I noticed a lot of kids would get teased, and picked on. Either because of the clothes they had worn or they did not bath well. It simply was not their fault. Furthermore, some simply do not have the time to groom their