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English Comp I
Mr. Armstrong
7 April 2015
“Jake and Brett”
In the novel The Sun Also Rises, the narrator Jake Barnes and his lover Lady Brett Ashley are two very interesting characters. The two lovers find themselves in turmoil like in the lost generation as Gertrude Stein stated. Jake and Brett are both two characters in the novel whose relationship just gets more complicated throughout the story. They are two misunderstood people in the lost generation who cling to another for support. Jake and Brett both like the chase of love. Brett loves the idea of a first date with a man, but after the first date she never wants anything to do with the man again. Brett also cannot forget her first love and I’ve come to think she probably does not believe in love anymore which is why she has so many affairs. Jake on the other hand is like a child and Brett Ashley is the toy that he cannot have. “Couldn’t we live together Brett? Couldn’t we just live together?”(62) This shows that Jake likes the idea of fantasy of thinking Brett and he could become one. Jake is so in love with Brett that he would arrange for her to have affairs with other men even though he is jealous. Jake and Brett are also emotionally and physically incompatible. While Jake on one hand wants to be loved emotionally, Brett is unable to give him that. Brett wants to love physically but Jake is incapable of providing physical love to her. “No, I think its hell on earth.”(195) this show that Brett does not want to show any emotion towards men the way she compares love to hell. Jake’s wound has made him unable to perform his manly duties with any female that approaches him. “Yes, isn’t it pretty to think so” () this is Jake willingly telling Brett they would not have had a physical relationship but it is nice to fantasize and think they could have something. “I don’t think so, I’d just tromper you with everybody.”(62) This quote shows the personality differences between Brett and Jake. While Jake has strong feelings for Brett as she asked him “Do you still love me, Jake?”(186-87) and he stated “Yes” we can tell Jake would do anything for Brett as he answers that question honesty. “I’m a goner. I’m mad about Romero boy. I’m