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I can’t really say if the prison and jail system is helping because in my opinion the people that get out end right back up in there sometime another after being released. I think that the prison system isn’t really helping the criminal activity because they still fight and people still get hurt and sometimes even killed while in prison. The inmates just sit on their butts and watch cable tv in a cool room and they aren’t learning right from wrong and the reason why they are in there to begin with. All the prison does to a person is keep them from being free to go into the outside world but they don’t teach lessons. If I could reconstruct the U.S. prison and jail system I would start by putting the inmates to work. They would have to work growing their own food and they would also work to make money to pay for their stay in the jail and also to take care of their kids if they have any. I would take the air system and heat out of the jail as well and there would not be any more cable tv. I would also make each inmate take a random drug test each month. I believe that by making them work instead of sitting around doing nothing they will learn from their mistakes and not want to come back to jail. They will learn to work together. I would also make each inmate that doesn’t have a high school education or GED I would make them go to school to receive one. If the inmates are working and in school they wouldn’t have time to be starting problems and they wouldn’t be…