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Kimberley Tucker
EN130 English Composition II
Assignment 7_07
April 30, 2014

Distance Education or Traditional Education is the Question

The times have changed so much for so many generations; it was only inevitable for the education system to follow. Have you thought about the options now that are available to further your education? You have the option now between online schools and the student classroom setting.

In today’s society, it is very important to not only have a degree, but to carry a Bachelor’s Degree if not a Master’s Degree. Twenty years ago it was important to finish High School and have that diploma, and if you went off to college for an Associate Degree that looked even better. However today, most employers now want a Bachelor’s Degree and if you do not have one, they will not even look at your resume. This is a very competitive society and we need to keep learning, growing and improving ourselves.

Traditional Education is the norm for so many, but the generations that are up-coming this is changing very fast for them. We are accustomed to classroom settings, where you can talk to your teacher, ask questions and get an answer immediately. You find that the traditional education offers a structured program for the students. Set schedules are given to the students, with breaks after semesters. You have help from fellow students, or you can even create a study group with other students. You have access to the campus library for your study needs. You are able to join different social groups on the campus; therefore you can be part of a team. You may find you have additional fees on top of your tuition subsequently, as in parking, room and board, meal plans, books, and school supplies. Your campus may even offer extra-curricular activities.

Distance Education however offers a different kind of plan. They have flexible hours, so if you are a single mother, you can do your course work after you put your children to bed. If you work afternoon shift, you can work around that to accommodate online learning. If you are in the Military as a deployed soldier you can still work on your education as long as you have internet access. The same applies if you travel for work and you’re not able to sit in a traditional classroom. You can have flexible days as well, as you get to pick your schedule, and what works best for you. The online colleges now are flexible and let you work at own pace. Some people are faster learners than others and need more time, this is a great