How Would You Rate Yourself In Terms Of Efficiency?

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UCR ENGR 1 Fall 2010
Prof Michalis Faloutsos inspired by Prof. Frank Vahid

Homework 3

Complete this assignment by filling in your answers directly into the text file document below. See bottom of document for further instructions. The due date is on the course web site. Please highlight your answers in green.

Your name: ________________ UCR email: ________________ (UCR email only)

Note each answer must be at least 150 words and use COMPLETE sentences, not keywords.

Q.1 How would you rate yourself in terms of efficiency and why (scale of 1-10, 10 being high efficiency).

Q.2 Where do you think : (a) spend most time, and (b) waste most time (spend time that is not well spent) on a weekly basis.
[Note: spending time preparing for your X-games championships is decision to support your hobby, wasting 30’ waiting outside the library for some always-late friend is waste]


Q.3 From the list of efficiency tips in the presentation, discuss and explain
3.1 two efficiency tips that you already do well
3.2 two efficiency tips that you don’t do well
If there are some other efficiency issues that you do or don’t well, feel free to talk about those instead of what is listed in the presentation.


Q.4 How do you propose to improve your efficiency in college (start from the issues at the previous questions but go beyond that)


Extra credit:
What do you find as greatest time efficiency problems for your peers and why? “Interview” 3-5 peers and produce a list of - activities that are time sinks - inefficient ways of doing things - and propose based on that 2-3 strategies that would most benefit your friends.