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The Other Guys Movie Review
While billed as a comedy, there are curiously few laughs in Will Ferrell’s latest big screen outing in which he teams up with Mark Wahlberg to play a nerdy police detective.
It certainly delivers a few chortles; it’s just that there aren’t nearly enough of them. Still, after a string of largely mirth-free months at the multiplex, this might well be a late entry as one of the comedies of the summer. The guys of the title are desk-bound detectives Allen (Ferrell) and Terry (Wahlberg), who spend their days pushing paper while the NYPDs star cops (played by Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson) collar the criminals and grab the glory.
But when the dream team come a cropper, the two backroom boys think it’s their time to shine as they go after corrupt billionaire Ershon (Steve Coogan).There haven’t been many decent cop comedies lately see Rush Hour 3 and Cop Out and The Other Guys is better than expected, although it’s still as uneven as the Manhattan skyline. With Ferrell playing the well-meaning but clueless yin to Wahlbergs near-sociopathic yang, they bother under

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The sudden noise of the hissing ran through my skull....... repelling off my cranium and spreading through my spine the thick yellow substance lurked throughout my body. As I stare into my brothers eyes I feel the thick gas cling onto my lungs. Lying not knowing my fate, my life cycle ran throughout my mind. Sprinting through muddy puddles ....Laying in the