The Importance Of Learning A Second Language

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Acquiring a first language is different from learning a second or third. This difference is augmented when a person gets older. The ability to acquire a second language seems to become a little more challenging for teenagers and adults. This can be explained by understanding the neural mechanism responsible for language, the motivation involved in learning another language, and the techniques used to learn. Motivation plays a key factor in how fast and thorough a person learns a second language. For example, living in a foreign country is a good element that motives people to learn another language because it helps newcomers to fit in a new culture. The language represents a key of integration . It helps immigrants to communicate with native speakers, to get a job and being successful. In my point of view ignoring the language of the new country represents a big handicap for immigrants; for that reason, they are most of the time rushing to learn the new language. I remember when I started to take English classes in Algeria , I was not motivated as I do in the U.S. because I didn't feel the necessity to learn it immediately. But, at the present time I got more willpower because it is very important for my integration and without it I can not get education from college. So, the motivation plays a big role in learning a new language. The person who learns language because he/she need it to achieve goal learns it faster than somebody who learns it just for pleasure. The learning process of second language acquisition is filled with different methods and approaches that can make it more enjoyable and memorable. It's important to note that the choice of a method of learning has a big influence on how fast and efficient the language can be assimilated. I think that practicing with native speakers is the best way to learn how to speak correctly; i noticed that immigrants who work in favorable environment, where are in close contact with Americans, learn English faster than others. Moreover, some computer programs are very helpful to improve the language such us Rosetta Stone , that teach the right pronunciation, and help with vocabulary. I