Essay on English Cyberbullying

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Rachael Roesener
Professor Shipe
English 111-012N
16 February 2015 Cyberbullying
Suicide. This is a word people often come up with when they think of cyberbullying. This is because cyberbullying isn’t your typical playground, cornering a kid type of bullying. That kind you can go home and escape from. Cyberbullying you cannot escape from, it floods your life until you cannot stand it anymore. You see no other way out but ending your own life. This is the problem that schools are currently facing. There is currently no real law in any state that give any clarity to the issue. Schools cannot take action against those who cyberbully because laws currently in place only take action against physical bullying. So, who can fix this problem? Who is responsible for fixing it? “At least 40 states have antibullying statutes on their books, and schools nationwide have spent millions of dollars over the last decade on antibullying campaigns, but cyberbullying represents a new threat that parents, school administrators, and legislatures are alike unsure how to handle.” (Prosecuting Cyberbullies”). Technology has grown and developed over the years, surpassing what we thought was possible. With this growth has also come an easier way to access people without any in-person interaction. Kids that are in school are getting cell phones younger and younger. This means that they are getting access to the internet and can start cyberbullying at a younger age. It also means that kids in school are tormented for a longer period of time, potentially causing more severe reactions like depression and anxiety. Anonymity is one of the great things about the internet. If you have questions that you may be embarrassed about, you can ask online without fearing any kind of backlash. Anonymity also has a negative aspect, though. Anonymity brings a sense of invincibility. While that alone is not a bad thing, people have figured out to manipulate the system. Anonymity can be used as a way of being mean without fear of any consequences. This is especially true with school aged children. If they are having an issue with another student, rather than having to face any consequences of their actions, they can just bully that person anonymously. This has led to many more incidents of bullying and fewer consequences being handed out. School administrators cannot punish kids if they do not know who is behind the