English: Debut Albums and United States Navy Essay

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Narrative/Descriptive Essay – Rough Draft
Jennifer Hopes
Ashford University: ENG 121

The Military I was seventeen when I joined the Navy, I was so young. I joined the Navy to become a strong, courageous and more disciplined person, but I also joined the service so I could serve my country and go to school. I knew this was going to be the most memorable day of my life at this point. This is the day that I graduate from The United States Navy boot camp. It was a cold Friday morning in October 2000. My fellow and graduates were dressed in what I consider to me one of the most wonderful uniforms, our Dress Blues. My uniform was pressed, decorated with ribbons, my name tag and a shiny medal. I felt so much pride and honor to be wearing this uniform. As we grabbed our riffles we lined up to wait for the music to begin, it was almost time to march out as the color guard. Our instructions were to march out and stand in front of the bleachers where our family and friends awaited. I wanted to look around so bad. Wanting to my family members whom I haven’t seen it what had seemed like an eternity. I was just about to finish the longest eight weeks of my life, I just kept telling myself only another two or three hours before you get to see them again. As the ceremony was coming to end, I was getting very anxious. Partially because I have been standing in the same spot for hours and because I was ready to see my family. As the ceremony ended and we