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Meghan Dismang Mr. Leech English 4 October 6, 2014 Why Frozen is So Different Most Disney princess movies all end the exact same and usually have a similar story but just different characters. Frozen is incomparable to the others. Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty all have plenty of things in common.
They’re all princess’ who fall in love with a boy and some evil villain tries to create conflict to stop them from being with that man. It all ends the same. Frozen has so many unexpected surprises and plot twists that you could never guess the ending even if you tried! Frozen is about 2 princesses that live an abnormal life. Elsa, who turns out to be the queen has magic powers that she can’t control. Those powers all summed up are able to freeze things uncontrollably. Anna doesn’t know most of her life, and once she finds out, she goes to the ends of the Earth trying to help her sister Elsa, because they have an unbreakable bond. Most importantly, the story doesn’t end the way all the other Disney princess movies end. Spoiler alert; Anna falls in love with a guy no one expected her to fall for, Elsa learns to control her powers and the two sisters are reunited and begin to have fun just as they used too.
The ending is nothing like the others! Children seem to enjoy this movie more than others because it has many catchy songs, fun and relatable characters and is nothing like they’ve ever seen before. What makes Frozen so unique is the focus on the two sister’s love for each other. They have an I breakable bond and would do anything for each other. Also, the characters are so quirky and awkward. They don't focus on being perfect like the other movies.

They show what makes it so different from the story line, to the personality of the characters, and most importantly, the different setting they are in the entire