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Group Journal Entries
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Chapter 17
● Ishmael has his first breakthrough in rehabilitation when the nurse buys him a
Walkman and rap cassettes. At first, it makes him angry, but then when he starts to listen to music it opens him.
● Ishmael begins to tell Esther about his past and about the battle when his foot was shot. ● When Ishmael talks about the past he gets mad and throws the Walkman. Esther begins to feel sympathy and crys. Esther also encourages Ishmael to write in a notebook. Chapter 18
● Observers from the UN, UNICEF, and several non-governmental organizations arrive to see the rehabilitation center, and the boys put on a talent show.
● Leslie, Ishmael's caseworker, finds Ishmael's Uncle Tommy, who he has never met.
Tommy visits Ishmael at the center.. He shows love to him and promises him a place to live and welcomes him to his family.
● Tommy begins visiting on the weekends and, during their walks, Ishmael tells him about good times before the war. Finally, Tommy takes him to visit his new family, and Ishmael begins learning even more about his father and his past.

Vocabulary Master rehabilitate- restore someone to health or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness burdensome-difficult to carry out or fulfill merriment-gaiety and fun gruesome-causing repulsion or horror
Literary Luminary
1)”Her white teeth contrasted with her dark. shiny skin, and