Sentimental Value Objects

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Daniela Chavez Sentimental value objects There are three objects that have a sentimental and practical value to me. They are my BFF notebook, my concert tickets’ box and my iPad. Those are the things that I appreciate the most and that have a special place in my life. The first one, my BFF notebook, it started out as a birthday present. I was turning 14 years old and my best friend didn’t know what to give so she just printed out a picture of us and she glued it to a notebook and wrote some cute things about our friendship but as time passed we started to use it more like a friendship diary, we started to write about ourselves, the things we do, we put pictures in it and drawings of the places we go and the things we do together. It’s been four years since we started the notebook and it’s full of memories and pictures that show how much we have grown since then. That’s why it is so important to me. I do not know why I would if I lost it or if something happens to it.
The second object is my concert tickets box, this is just a box made out of wood were I keep my concert tickets. I really like to go to concerts, a lot. So I started to keep the tickets and I started putting them in this small box. I like to sometimes just look at them and just remember memories from every single concert, the bands and the people that I was with or even people that I met that day and it just brings back so good memories and I wish someday show that box to my children so they know how I was when I was young.
The third object is more of a practical value, and I’m talking about my