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Tyra Smallwood
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Topic- Binge drinking

There are various factors that lead to binge drinking in college students. College students binge drink because they want to directly experience the feeling of being drunk. Binge drinking begins with curiosity. Look around, there are many attractive advertisements for alcohol, and they appeal to people that drinking is fun; a new experience. People who have just graduated from high school with no experience of drinking alcohol are most attracted to the advertisements. Therefore, when they enter college, they feel that they are a reasonable or an adequate age to drink alcohol. Additionally the college life, to immature students, is mostly about the parties; and having fun. Many college students binge drink because of stress/anxiety, peer pressure and a lack of maturity/knowledge. Binge Drinking was rated the number one health risk to teens in the United States. Seventy percent of college students polled admitted to "bingeing," and one half of all "bingers" do so regularly. Most teens, however, did not know that "bingeing" could lead to alcoholism. The consequences of "bingeing" can be deadly, or in some cases lead to severe alcoholism. Educating teens about the effects of binge drinking could help bring this popular trend to an end.
Stress/ anxiety is a major cause of drinking in college, as classes’ progress and work becomes overwhelming students began to drink their weekends away, in celebration of getting through a week. Students believe that drinking will relieve what they are feeling and will cause them to forget about the schoolwork. In addition peer pressure is also a reason why college students binge drink. Some teens drink just so they can fit in. When most teens and college aged students are around friends who are drinking, they are more than likely to do it too. Some college students are insecure