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Ca Mun Tang
English 21
October 1, 2013
Do Text Languages Affect Student in School ? Text messaging is one of the most popular communication method in the world. Texting is developing its own kind of grammar such as chat-speak, the text language and the emoticons used in phone text messages and online social networks . Chat-speak, also known as text talk or short message standard (SMS) is a slang most commonly used in text messaging such as OMG (Oh my God), LOL ( laughing out load), BRB (be right back), TTYL (talk to you later). I think that chat-speak influences students’ their grammar and homework in school. Chat-speak allows people to type quickly and shorter as one text message is limited to 160 letters because long messages cost more money. It saves more time to write and read because they do not need to do it in a whole long paragraph message. Text talk have been a popular trend and is widely used by young people nowadays when they should be developing their foundation of proper English and grammar. It become a serious issue as students are using chat-speak languages in their homework, essays and assignment. Professors in college and teachers in school are becoming more frustrated and angry due to the rise of chat-speak and emoticons being used in classroom homework, essay and assignment.

According to several studies conducted by researchers, it shows that the use of chat-speak and emoticons influences students’ ability to write in proper english as they are so used to text languages everyday. Students that uses text languages often have trouble switching back to traditional grammar and writing when it is needed in formal essays and assignment. It has a huge impact on students because it worsen students’ grammar in writing. Students need to stop using chat-speak so often and learn the proper english skills for their future because it will bring a huge impact on a person’s success in the workplace. Many employers are complaining about chat-speak are being used in job application, an immediate first impression is made about the