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Violences Impact on Society In the novel
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini it demonstrates how violence has a negative impact on society in Afghanistan. The novel shows how the violence has had such a negative effect on the society by making people more cautious by how they live their own lives, as well as when they are on the streets. Any act that the Taliban is not accepting of will lead to violence.

The civilians in Afghanistan have to be careful with how they live their lives because there was violence even before the Taliban took charge. “And I saw with a sinking heart what he had fished out of his pocket. Of course. His stainless steel brass knuckles…” (Hosseini, 44). Aseef has been a violent character from the beginning from him believing that Adolf Hitler was not in the wrong for what he was doing. This caused Aseef to use violent actions by always threatening Amir and Hassan, this caused Amir and Hassan to be afraid to come face to face with Aseef on the street. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan civilians were afraid to walk on the streets to go get their food. They feared that they would do something accidentally and the Taliban would not approve. “She asked the vendor how much the potatoes cost, but he did not hear her, I think he had a deaf ear. So she asked louder...a young Talib ran over and hit her on the thighs with his wooden stick.” (Hosseini, 228). Farzana had to raise her voice just a little bit


louder so the vendor could hear her and the Taliban did not like the fact that she had raised her voice so for punishment she was hit with a wooden stick to prevent it from happening again. Civilians are afraid to break the law for fear of the punishment they will receive afterwards. “And what manner of punishment, brothers and sisters, benefits the adulterer?...How shall we answer those who throw stones at the windows of god’s house? WE SHALL THROW THE STONES BACK.” (Hosseini, 283). The Taliban not only kill you but they humiliate you before they do it, just because they have the power to do so. No one will protest against it for fear of being killed and leaving their family behind.

The war violence has left many children fatherless and in some cases homeless. “But they’re not all yateem. Many of them have lost their fathers in the war, and their mothers can’t feed them because the Taliban don’t allow them to work. So they bring their children here.” (Hosseini, 266). The violence has a strong impact on everyone especially the children who have lost their fathers or both parents and have to live on the streets or in an orphanage. The Taliban will kill people on the streets and then loot them of their money and property. “Hassan protested again. So they took him to the street… and ordered him to kneel… and shot him in the back of the head.” (Hosseini, 231). Hassan had tried to protest about the Taliban taking Baba's house but he ended up being shot and killed as well as looted for the property. Taking a stand against the Taliban will lead to a painful death so no one questions their authority. Warf has brought up the prices of everything that most people can not afford it so they go to desperate measures to afford


food. “‘He’s selling his [artificial] leg?... “You can get good money for it on the black market. Feed your kids for a couple of weeks.’” (Hosseini, 272). People are willing to sell their own prosthetics in order to help feed their families for a few weeks.

Just by walking down the street you