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Prompt: Heroes often emerge from conflict
It was just like any other day here in Missoula, Montana. The birds were chirping, the local trader was selling fresh fruit and vegetables on the side path and like every day this past week it was hot, almost hitting around 38° celsius with little to no wind. Today though something seemed different.
As I went on my usual morning run through Caras Park, I noticed that things weren’t the same as they usually were – something was off today. Whether it was the unusual uneasiness of the town or because it was early in the morning, I wasn’t sure. I just had a distinct feeling that something was off and it wasn’t causing me to feel unease.
As I crossed over the bridge to head into the heart of town I took a second to stop jogging and paused to have a look around to see if things looked off. Taking out my headphones the noise of the marketplace came to me and looking around nothing appeared to be out of place, not until I stumbled across a man to the far right of me who was standing in the corner in a light brown trench coat overseeing all that was happening. Now coming from a small town of around 500 you learn the names and faces of everyone quite quickly, but this man, I had no idea who he was, I had never seen him before. Perhaps he is here on business, I thought to myself. Things were fine, I was simply working myself up over nothing.
Noticing that I was next to the local café I decided to go in, because after a long time of running I was not quite thirsty and a little bit peckish too. Walking in through the doors of the café the bell beside the door rang, signalling that a new customer had arrived. As I stepped through the doors I took in how many people there were and there was quite a lot. A mother and son were sitting to the right of me, the mother trying to get the child to sit still so as to not cause a disturbance, to the left of them an old man sat sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper. Down the opposite end of the café - to the left - sat a group of teenagers, there couldn’t be more than eight and they were all laughing and smiling while sharing a bowl of chips and sipping from a mix of strawberry and chocolate milkshakes. There were more people in there, around ten more, all of whom were either sipping from their drinks or eating something while amidst company.
Walking up to the counter I rang the bell to signal that I was awaiting service and through the door leading to the kitchen a young man, couldn’t have been more than eighteen with brown hair and blue eyes appeared wearing an apron and asked, with a smile on his face, “hello there, may I take your order?” replying back to him I decided to order a bottle of water and a croissant with jam and after paying retreated to a window sight near the front. Soon enough my order appeared and placing my croissant down in front of me, I breathed in the smell of it and immediately started salivating. It looked and smelled delicious and I couldn’t wait to eat it. Upon smearing the jam onto the croissant I took a bit into it and just as predicted it was delicious. It was fluffy, yet not to fluffy and warm. You could clearly tell that it was freshly made and that made it even better to eat.
While sitting at the table I decided to flick through a magazine to pass the time, but just as I had picked up the magazine the door swung open and hearing the bell above the door ring I lifted my head to see who it may be and to my surprise it was the same man whom I had recently seen outside. He was still wearing his trench coat but upon closer look I could now see things which I wasn’t able to see before. He had dark, black hair and brown eyes. He had a beared which wrapped around the better most bottom half of his face and he let of a sense of uneasiness. I couldn’t point my finger on why or even how for that matter, but being around him made me feel restless. Than the unthinkable happened.
The man, who had only a few moments ago…