Should Other Schools Be Fully Funded By The Government?

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Should other schools be fully funded by the government? Based on the fact that Canada preaches equality and tolerance where everyone should be treated the same way regardless of their religion, disability or financial status. Education is the most crucial thing for a young student to develop a good quality learning lifestyle. People have rights and freedoms to express themselves through religion, culture etc… Everyone should have equal access to any government programs that supports different religions and people with special needs. As we grow we learn to understand that the government is in the situation to invest and use tax payer’s money the best way possible. However, the investment that goes back in to the society should be equally distributed to the satisfaction of all, not only one group, sector, or religious organization.
Taxes pay for schools regardless of religious based schools. If someone’s taxes are only eligible to fully fund catholic and public schools, then one would want the portion of taxes back. Why would a portion of somebody’s tax dollar go towards Catholic religious education and not other religions? The funding does not come from the government; the tax payers pay the support. Parents who send their children to schools pay in to the school tax system. The finances for education should be invested in the school of choice. Our nation is a multinational society and
Citizens have the right to support their beliefs through education. If there are catholic schools being funded, isn’t it fair to fully fund other faith-based schools? Ontario is the only province where taxpayers pay 100 percent of the costs for students who attend catholic schools and none of the costs for students attending Islamic, Jewish, Christian, or other faith based schools. Other provincial governments either partially fund all faith based schools or fund none of them. If elected premier, progressive conservative leader John Tory plans to extend taxpayer funding to all faith based schools that teach Ontario curriculum, follow standardized testing and have accredited teachers. At a time when the province is more diverse than ever, it is fundamentally unfair to fund catholic schools exclusively. The current Canadian nation was built on the beliefs of Roman Catholics and Protestants when they took over the land. In the beginning there were only Protestant schools, which evolved into the public schools we have today, and Catholic schools. This was because those two religions along with other types of Christianity were the only ones respected. Overtime, more and more people with different religions other than
Christianity and languages and cultures immigrated to Canada, so respect towards other religions and cultures began to change. The education system should look at this as an example and progress as well. Today, Ontario is the only province that fully funds Catholic schools and does not fund for other religious, languages or culture based schools. This was brought to the UN and they ruled this situation as discriminatory. If Ontario fully funds Catholic schools, then other religious, language, and culture based schools should be on the same level, Otherwise, Ontario should partially fund for the other schools which is what provinces like B.C., Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba currently do. Every ethnicity in Canada should be respected in every way according to Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms. Every religious based school should be fully funded by the government, regardless if one is going