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The Da Vinci Code Book Report In the prologue of the story: Jacques Sauniere who is the curator\manager of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Sauniere pulls a Caravaggio painting off the wall in the museum which ends up setting off the thief alarm (which is a containment to stop the thief from escaping the museum until police arrive). An albino man arrives at the other side of the containment and pulls out a gun and proceeds “where is it?” Sauniere lies to the attacker by saying: I have no idea what you are talking about!” The Albino man responds: “You are lying; you and your brethren possess something that is not yours.” The Albino man aims his gun and shoots Sauniere in the chest. Sauniere utilizes what is left of his remaining strength and completes the final task before him.
Symbologist Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu were called up to investigate this murder, Sauniere who died in the prologue was Sophie’s grandfather. The men arrive at the scene of the murder to find the body with a series of symbols and codes. Langdon received warning about Officer Fiche who was supposed to help solve the murder mystery. Sophie has with her a kind of key with dots and number 24 engraved on it, which opens to her and Langdon a big complex investigation that involves a supposedly heretic theory: Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were, in fact, a couple who produced a daughter named Sara. A millenarian sect called The Priory of Sion has kept for centuries the secret of that matter. A masochist and kind of psychopath albino monk, Sibilas, an Opus Dei member (a clandestine,