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March 21,2013

As a parent, I would support my child just like my parents have supported me. I also believe disciplining my child would make my child learn how to be well mannered and respectful. My child will know the value of education and the successful opportunities it has to offer.
Living in a stabile home was one major reason how my family was supportive with my education. Growing up in a stabile household allowed me the opportunity to have supportive parents who made sure I had all the skills and help I could get. When I was about nine years old in the fourth grade, my mother started to notice that I began to fall behind in my grade. My mother did not want me to have a difficult education so she took matters into her own hands by providing me with a tutor who met once a week for an hour. My tutor taught me how to be more punctual, as well as improving my levels in reading and expanding my vocabulary. This helped me a lot through out my elementary school years. As a parent, I would do the same thing my mother did with me. I would support my child with positive energy to boost their performance level up. If working with my child is what it may take to have them improve then that’s what I will do. A second trait I will carry on to my children is discipline. I believe with out discipline a child may feel they have the obligation of doing anything they want. For example, if the child asked to play video games before doing their homework and the parents said no the child will still what he/she pleases. I will discipline my child to a certain extent that teaches them to behave properly whether in public or behind closed doors. I will discipline he/she only when misbehaved or doing poorly in school. Disciplining my child will show he/she the value of education, respect and manners. I also believe I will be a strict mother. Lastly, I would have my child be involved in a