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Kristin Bishop Heart of Soul of a Pediatrician
Who are the ones that treat and do checkups on your children? This would be your pediatrician; pediatricians are the doctors who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They evaluate and help children suffering from medical diseases and disorders, perform regular checkups to ensure good health, and track their growth (citation one). It takes dedication, patience and a lot of affection for children to be successful in this career. We may all wonder why pediatricians even came to be. Why can’t children and adults be seen by the same doctors? It all began in Europe when adults started gaining many diseases and illnesses that they didn’t want to give to children. They wanted to separate children to avoid exposing them to adults, so they opened different institutions.
To start off with career it takes a lot of education. To begin, it all starts in high school. You have to take all the right classes and succeed in them, after getting your high school diploma; college would be the next step. When you earn either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree you would then need to work hard to get into medical school, where you spend four years. After finishing with medical school you would then move on to residency where you would work (while getting paid) in a hospital between three to four years practicing in every department you would need to succeed in (citation three). You will also have to gain a doctor of medicine (MD) and as well as three years for an optional subspecialty. After finishing everything you have to take a national exam and become licensed by the state (citation two). Overall becoming a pediatrician takes twelve to fifteen years of schooling.
With any job you have to have a certain type of personality that fits it. When becoming a pediatrician you have to have a love for children like no other. Every child that comes into your office has to treated as your own. It is an emotional roller coaster ride watching sick children that you’ve treated since they were babies comes in and out of your office in pain. You have to be able to show affection and let them know that you truly care while being a professional and communicating well with your partners and parents of young ones. Also taking compassion and sympathy into consideration is a good idea because when caring for children with serious diseases or illnesses (citation four). You must be able to cope with a lot of different personalities in order to be an effective pediatrician.
When choosing a career you probably lay out some pros and cons. If becoming a pediatrician is your desire there are many pros and cons you will have to take into consideration. Pros being the pay that comes with this career, the satisfaction of helping children get better, and being someone that young children look up too until they are eighteen to twenty-one. But there are also some cons, the job can be very stressful and emotional, the hours will be long some days and they will be children constantly coming in and out of your life.
Also benefits, without benefits many careers would be pointless. When you begin your career as a pediatrician you receive many benefits, one of the biggest being health insurance (being single is free, married is $50 a month, and $75 a month to cover an entire family). You also you can get life insurance ($50,000 term policy provided free of charge), fifteen days