Of Mice And Men Analysis

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In the last chapter many of the details are repeated from the book’s opening, like the quality of the sunlight, the distant mountains, and the water snakes with their heads like “periscopes.” But the thing that was different about it was that this time instead of a happy surrounding it was sadness. The natural beauty was marred by the suffering of innocents. It described how a large heron bending to snatch an unsuspecting snake out of the water, then waiting as another swims in its direction. When Lennie appeared it was obvious that he was going to die because the Arthur gave us clues showing us the fate that awaited him.
Curley, Whit, Carlson and Slim wanted to kill Lennie immediately after they found out that he killed Curley’s wife. But Candy was thinking about the plan, him Lennie and George had. He was devastated that he wasn’t going to get his freedom and instead of feeling bad for Curley’s wife, he blamed it on her. He knew that he and George couldn’t get the little ranch they wanted because they needed Lennie to go through the plan. He knew his life wasn’t gonna get better. When George saw Curley’s wife lifeless body, he wasn’t that surprised. He knew that Lennie was going to do something like that in the future. Like Candy, instead of feeling sad for Curley’s wife, he was thinking about Lennie’s future. George tried to protect Lennie by suggesting that Lennie goes to prison instead of being killed. But Curley dismissed that idea as quickly as it came. George