Biography Of Colonel Wendell Porth

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Zach Martin-Funk
Phillip Presswood
20 February 2015
Eng. 104
Wendell Allen Porth
July 7, 1953, Colonel Wendell Porth was born…a man who lived a life prioritizing but 3 things: his country, his family, and his faith. Born in Davenport, Iowa, he doesn’t have much of a background from there other than it being his “birth-town” due to the simple fact that his father’s career involved him having to be transferred to different regions throughout the United States. It was a job with the government and his line of work was in the Department of Commerce, so he was transferred quite often. However, no matter how far the job called for him to travel, Wendell or “Dell” as most people call him, and his family were tagging along too. Dell was the oldest between the two other siblings he had, and for three kids and a wife, that’s a lot of moving to go through. But it wasn’t all so bad. He was raised living in some of the most beautiful states including Utah, California, Hawaii, and eventually Alaska. All that traveling did pay off in the long run for Dell, because his parents were then able to provide him with an education from Louisiana State University. It wasn’t until college that he decided to come out with his life long dream and chase it…and Dell wanted to fly. Based off his opinions he figured, what better way to fly than to do it serving my country? And that is exactly what he did. But, being the man he is, he was going be a leader in whichever branch he chose, meaning he finished school before he joined the military so he could become an officer. As planned he got his degree and was off to flight school for the United States Marine Corps.
Wendell Porth was then a U.S Marine pilot. Climbing up in the ranks through the years, he was eventually titled as a Colonel,