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The remains of the so called American Dream The American dream was built up as the people began to migrate to America the dream was formed by what they were seeking by coming to America. Some Immigrants were looking for a better job to make more money, so that their children would have a greater life than they did, and others sought out freedom of religion. During the industrial revolution many immigrants came over for better paying jobs with the uprising of many factories jobs became more readily available and as long as you did what was asked the security for the job was good too. “…before Columbus and after Columbus discovered the New World, The vision of America Materialized with the Journeys of the first explorers, Settlers and colonizers.” (Stiluliuc 1) Another reason people chase the American dream is to instill in their children the ambition to go out and get what they want and succeed. Some people in high school and in college compete with a friend in the class to see who can get a better grade. Who can be the best, or simply who wants it more. ”Competition can encourage growth and push a child to excel. Children also benefit as they; set goals, enhance their popularity, learn to work with others.”(Johnson1) No parent wants to know that they failed bring up a child so to see that child do better than you just goes to show that you did what was right no matter how much in life they complained they realized it was all for their own good. In many countries there is an oppression over what religion can and cant be practiced in a country in Europe it was Catholicism and the people fled because they wanted to worship Christ in a different way. Now days its acceptable to worship whoever you want when ever you want but unless its Christianity which Is what America is built upon it is not boldly supported. My mom instilled in me to always strive to do better in life in my own terms, she told me