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* 作文替换词

Give, offer, endow, endue, present, bestow, provide, supply, furnish
Impart, instruct, apprise, teach, instill, inculcate,
Proffer, confer, donate, contribute, subscribe, bequeath,
Issue, flow out, release,
Cost, spend, pay, pay out, expend, disburse,
Prodigal, profligate, splurge, spendthrift, dissipate frugal, scrimp, skimp, abstemious,
Expenditure, subvention, 归还,偿439
Return, hand out, restore, reciprocate, remunerate, revert,
Compensate, reimburse, indemnify, expiate, atonement,
Salary, remuneration, Emolument, honorarium, 分配
Distribute, allocate, issue, hand out, apportion, allot, dispense, ration, allot, assign,designate;
Distribution, dispensation ration, allotment 施加 impose, entail, exert, inflict, suppress, subjugate, compress ,repress, coerce,
Suffice, satiate, satisfy, cater, sate, meet requirement, gratify
Suffuse, implant, instill, infuse, fill, impregnate, 放弃
Relinquish, give up, disclaim, abdicate, abjure, waive, renounce, recant, wean, forsake, abdicate, desert, forswear, renounce, repudiate, forgo, disown, disavow, abandon

Get, receive, Accept, attain, acquire, obtain, gain, repossess, retrieve, procure, catch,
Earn, profit, embezzle, peculate, defalcate, graft, appropriate,
Obtainable, accessible, receptive,
Receiver, recipient, procurement

Deprive, take away, exact, extort, dispossess, bereave, divest, strip,
Loot, ravage, ransack, sack, despoil, plunder, rapine, snatch, ,exploit, distill,
Confiscate, impound, sequestrate, forfeit, expropriate
Exaction, depredation, spoliation, 吸引
Attract, appeal, fascinate, draw, charm, intrigue, enchant, tempt, allure, enchant, enthrall, rivet, fix, spellbind, intoxicate, engross, occupy, captivate, enamor,
Attractive, appealing, charming, pleasing, attractiveness, fascination, charisma, personal, magnetism, attraction, fascination, 包含510 |
Contain, consist of, comprise, cover, encompass, span, contain, encompass, subsume, consist of, include, involve, embroil, implicate, ;
Configuration component, 需要,
Require, call for, need, demand, necessitate,
Necessary, required, requisite, essential,
Requisite, prerequisite, requirement, precondition, 使 使
Cause to be, make, lead to, render, turn into, trigger, activate, cause, 要求,请求,
Request, ask, entreat, demand, petition, appeal to
Solicit, invoke, plead, implore, beseech, adjure,
Dictate, command, mandate, order, instruct, charge,
Imperative, essential, compulsory, mandatory, urgent, obligatory,
Request, requisition, petition, invocation; 促使, 劝说,
Advise, urge, argue, advocate, persuade, sway, influence,
Convince, expostulate, exhort, hortative
刺激, 激发,鼓励
Stimulate, activate, spur, incite, agitate, inspire, arouse, excite, provoke, actuate, incite, foment, stir up, trigger, Kindle, enkindle, ignite encourage, motivate, invigorate, prompt, instigate,
Impetuous, impulsive;
Drive, motivation, incentive, inducement, impetus 推动,驱动,迫使
Push, drive, propel, force, oblige, propel, compel goad
欺骗, 伪装
Deceive, dupe, cheat, swindle, hoodwink,
Duplicity, artifice, chicanery, deception, scheme, subterfuge, duplicity.
Beguile, lure, tempt, allure, entice, tantalize, coax, delude, cozen, beguile,,
Guile, deceit, cunning, wile, trickery
Threaten, menace, intimidate ,hector, frighten, bully,
Threatening, menacing,
Threat, menace
Allow, let, permit, license
Allowance, license, permission, consent, sanction, authorization 心理
Expect, look forward to, wait for, look ahead to, suppose, anticipate, await
Wish, want, desire, long, yearn, aspire, crave, hanker, covet:
Desirous, eager, avid, greedy, acquisitive, much desired, coveted, ambitious, enterprising;
Longing, aspiration, yearning, ambition, avarice, desire for, appetite, desire 意图
Intend, tend to, mean, plan, be inclined to, predispose, resolve, prone to, apt to, disposed