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Mandalas are a very symbolic figure in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas symbolize many things in people’s lives. Something even as simple as a flag representing somebody’s ethnicity. On my Mandala I have a British flag, to represent my family history on my dad’s side. Mandalas are typically made with sand, although it can be made of cloth or metal as well. The monks would use these geometric artworks to represent their culture, and then destroy them in religious ceremonies. My Mandala is broken down into who I am, and what I enjoy. I believe that these two things create who you are. I believe that the things you do make up who you are as a person. Such as, if you play a sport, you’re more likely to be responsible, and determined. On my Mandala I drew a volleyball. I’ve always been into athletics, and soon discovered volleyball in sixth grade. Since then it has impacted my life so greatly, that some days it’s all I think about. Volleyball takes up most of my free time, so I always have room to improve, and things to work on. Being on a sports team has taught me how to balance out my work and play time. It has made me grow into a responsible person, and it pushes me to get my work done. Sports can be a detriment to my time, but overall they are a great experience. I drew a tree on my Mandala, and I believed the tree represented growth. I decided to draw this because I know that I am always working on becoming a better person then I was the day before. It shows that I am always looking forward to, and open growth. It is a pleasure to know that I am always getting better in the simplest ways. The things you choose to do at a young age define the person you are. This being, if you focus on one thing that you truly enjoy doing, then you will most likely improve in every aspect of that subject. I believe, and agree in body modifications. I drew the Church of Body Modification symbol on my Mandala, because I think that people have every right to express themselves in any way they wish. Either it is piercings and tattoos, or creativity. The fact that I agree with this shows that I would like to express myself through body modifications, and I believe it is a beautiful form of art and thought. On my Mandala I also drew a pair of ear buds. Music is the one of the best ways of getting a point of communication across using instruments, lyrics, and vocals. Music is a beautiful way of improving technology, and even some relationships.…