Outline Strategies That Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

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1. Outline strategies that reduce the risk of skin cancer.

There are two main strategies a person can utilize if they wish to reduce the likelihood of getting skin cancer:
They can wear sunscreen to reduce risk of harmful UV rays.
They can avoid any prolonged exposure they may have to the sun.
Sample answer:
In better responses, candidates identified and sketched in general terms strategies that reduce the risk of skin cancer. For example: applying sunscreen at regular intervals while exposed to UV rays and avoiding going out in the sun during the hours of 11–3pm when UV exposure is at its peak.

In weaker responses, candidates identified only one strategy and how it reduced the risk of skin cancer. Alternatively, candidates provided a list of strategies without stating a reason why or how the strategy worked.

2. Breast cancer and lung cancer are two common cancers in Australia. What are the determinants of these cancers and why do they put some groups more at risk than the general population?

Heredity, sociocultural, socioeconomic and environmental determinants
Sample answers:
In better responses, candidates clearly identified the three determinants as socio cultural, socio-economic and environmental. They provided features of each component of these determinants such as employment status, levels of education (socio-economic), family, peers and the media (socio-cultural). Candidates referred to a number of groups, such as ATSI, rural and remote, socio-economically disadvantaged or people from non-English speaking backgrounds. Most importantly, candidates established a clear relationship between the determinants and the susceptibility for each specific group.

In mid-range responses, candidates described the groups affected by either lung and/or breast cancer then proceeded to list the risk factors that would lead to this…