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March 20, 2013 Universal Studious Outline
Intro: According to the great Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Mark twain is a writer/journalist who was in the army. Mark twain believed for the truth and only wroth about the truth; he was also an adventurous daring man. The park has amazing rides for young adventures and also for senior daredevils.
Universal provides a happy environment for theme park lovers. Universal Studios theme park is simply fun.

First of all, Universal Studious has thrilling rides. The King Kong expedition

sends out an adventurous vibe. As soon as the rider makes his/her steps towards the tram;

one will feel an amazing excitement that would make you want to just scream for joy!

The ride has many climatic acts such as seeing King Kong going against a enormous

blood seeking T-Rex, the feel of an ancient spider like creature crawling on a riders skin,

the fast and furious cars showing off their acts, and to be in a scene where the “Jaws” was

filmed is incredibly amazing! The Jurassic park ride is a very entertaining coaster.

The ride has dinosaur replicas showing the rider how the Jurassic period was like. The

ride was very amusing because of the dinosaurs showing off different functions such as

spitting water at the rider trying to get he/she wet, mini drops for the thrill, and lastly in

the end it has a surprising scary deep drop that the coaster dives into a pool of water and

soak the riders. In the end you’ll have a memory and a picture of ones reaction going

down the treacherous steep fall.

After the thrilling rides, Universal has entertaining shows for theme park

adorers; “Waterworld” has an incredible scripted play with real actors from

TV shows that does a phenomenal job. The “Waterworld” has all the effects and

equipment to feel like the viewers are in the set of a real movie making the trip more than

worthwhile. The Transformer ride shows a enjoyable program. They show a clip never

seen before in the transformers movie. After the program there is a ride where daredevils

can ride then exit after. After the ride the rider can feel if he/she has accomplished

something or he/she…