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Introduction: Due to the different concepts of belonging, a true sense of belonging can be found in a variety of situations for different people. As each individual has their own desires, needs and values, they find their place in the world and a genuine sense of belonging in various ways. Alan Seymour’s play the one day of the year shows the reader the differing perspectives of belonging in terms of national identity and family through the day that is Anzac day. Alf and Hughie are prime examples of different beliefs people have around the concept of Anzac day, which influences their opinions towards belonging.

Paragraph One: Anzac day is the focus of the play and how the characters view it is what causes the conflict but it also refers to the way the characters see the country and the direction it is heading in. Alf represents ‘old’ Australia where he thinks Australia should just be a place for Australians because he complains that the country is full of poms and i-ties but Hughie represents ‘new’ Australia as its becoming more educated and accepting of others because he feels that “ the Europeans here force us to see that all people are the same”. Hughie also sees Anzac Day as a day for men to just drink themselves to oblivion “a great big meaningless booze-up. Nothing more.” Because Hughie hasn’t experienced war he can’t understand Alf patriotic feelings towards Anzac day. Were as Alf on the other hand has experienced war and looks forward to Anzac day to catch up with old friends “ Anzac day. They make a fuss oh y’ for once. The speech’s and the march... and y’re all mates.” National identity plays a huge role in belonging because those who help form it find a sense of belonging on the one day that is Anzac day. In our society the story of the Anzac’s live on through generations and gives us a sense of belonging as we honor those who have fought for our country ever year. How characters see national identity causes conflict within the family.

Paragraph two: The play demonstrates that even when a family cares for each other, a difference in opinions can pull them apart. Alf has always wanted the best for his son, making sure he has a good education making sacrifices along the way “ puttin’ the kid through uni, ‘aven’t got two bob to rub together” however they become divided when it is the education that leads to their differing opinions. At the beginning of the play Alf sticks up for Hughie “why’s she got a snout on Hughie? What’s he done?” but towards the end he changes his tune. But Hughie is quite distance towards his family at the beginning of play, he doesn’t like the way they do things “the conversations in the house! Avea cuppa tea,