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Cellphones now a days are more than cellphones they are computers that people are attracted to because it allows to stay intact with people wherever they are and that has changed the world in some many ways such as how we drive. Texting behind the wheel is very dangerous and many people die every day from this form of distracted driving. There are people who believe laws can help prevent the accidents, more laws would not eliminate distracted driving. People are given a decision when they drive with their cellphone on whether or not their going to use it while driving which means no law can stop them from making the wrong decision, it can only persuade them to make the right choice not to use it. Some people think that by creating awareness over the issue will prevent accidents. If people see what dangers can occur by using a cellphone behind the wheel, they’ll avoid using their device in a moving vehicle. If that was true, accidents would still not be happening today.“The Pew Research Center reported that 88 percent of those it surveyed in April own a cell phone.” (Text 3). Most people in the U.S. who own a cellular device drive with it in the car.
“A ban on hand­held use could be the first step toward what some experts argue is the real solution: a ban on any cellphone use in moving vehicles.” (Text 3). The National Safety
Council work to create awareness and support laws against texting to save peoples lives.
Keeping people from using their devices while driving a car is the problem that is not easily stopped by adding laws. Continuously adding more laws to prevent a decision of free will, will not help to eliminate the issue. Temptation to use one's phone while driving is an issue only the driver can chose to ignore or give in to. A law is just a rule that can easily be broken. “It’s been almost 150 years since the first speeding law took effect, yet people speed all the time, and even strict enforcement has limited impact.” (Text 4). A person can be persuaded by laws against cell phone usage while driving but a person cannot be forced to obey those laws. No matter the consequence of their actions, people will always do as they freely decide to do whether they thinking about the action and not it's consequences.

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