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Everyday new movie,

Christmas holidays have started, first day of the holiday I gaze at the masses of essays and revision that I’ve got to do so attempted to hold a pen and study however I reminded myself that it is my holiday so I deserve a break, I release my pen out of my hands and it drops on the floor assembling a loud noise for every house member to hear. This reminder went on throughout the holiday, which led me to do no work.
I plan my day full of activity with myself freely knowing that I can wake up whenever and not hear the unsettling noise of my alarm clock at 7:00. First couple of days I woke up very late so decided to stay in bed for the whole day as I only had 3 hours of the day left. The 3 hours, I would spend watching Netflix. Still shocked that Michael Scoffield the main character passing away on the last season saving his wife in a massive storm led me to be depressed on Christmas day However I recovered after numerous episodes of friends, Joey will never fail to put laugh on my face.
It all began at 5 am, I woke up because my phone went off but went back to sleep after 5 minutes reminding myself that phone had no notifications and just an ad to convince me to purchase their app. I started my day at 1, that’s when it all began. New Years Eve already I couldn’t believe this, the New Year is going to change so much, this was a massive shock to me and I am not prepared for 2015.
On New Year’s Eve, I encouraged myself to leave the house and scent how the outside world was