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English essay – In Cold Blood Max Wilson

Capote uses the past tense polysyllabic dynamic verb “fought” to abruptly describe the fighting and instant conflict in which Smith was born in to, This also to the point emphasise the intense struggle of Smith’s childhood. The verb itself connotes conflict and danger that Smith was engulfed in from a very young age. The use of the past tense suggests that Smith was traumatised and scared by this at a very young age by all the experiences growing up. This could also suggest that this could have lead to the possibility of a less moral, rounded person and suggests that he was more prone to conflict later in his adult hood.

Capote uses a semantic field of diminishment (of status) of the mother “Flo, She, she (his mother)” use of the monosyllabic proper noun ‘Flo’ is abrupt and short, almost mirroring how short and abruptly left Smith was left at a young age. This is also used to show that she at some point did have some respect in Smith’s eyes. But then later in the text she is referred to as “she”, this pronoun creates a de-moral of statues within Smith’s eyes. Also the use of the brackets “(his mother) creates almost a physical enclosed barrier that seems to mirror Smith’s mind set of Flo not actually being apart of his life or even his mother. Almost shutting her out of his life. Capote uses the abstract metaphoric past tense polysyllabic verb “dissolve” to portray Smith’s innocence and childhood taken from him due to his mother. This also seems to suggest a more sinister is replaced instead of Smith’s childhood as “dissolved” has a hard plosive “d” sound, which creates a brutal sound towards what is replacing smith’s childhood.

Capote uses the metaphorical phrase “blurred the face” this portrays that he has lost his mother to drink and that she is an unrecognisable person to him that his child hood and hope within his mother is “blurred”. This could also been seen as Smith losing who he is as his hope is obscured and twisted making Smith vulnerable.

Capote uses the metaphorical phrase “the ball hits the bat really solid’’ the use of the hard plosive sound portrays smith’s anger and frustration of his father not being there and his sense of abandonment from both his parents. It also creates. The abstract noun “solid” connotes a strong blocking force within smith’s path to prevent him from reaching his proper goals and wants and alternatively turns Smith into a violent like adult. The abrupt phrase seems to echo the only memory that smith has, at the same time also seems to portray that even though this is a cherished memory that the memory is almost tainted, and still changes Smith as person and that he’s still very much a fragmented person.

Capote uses the fragment proper noun “Di Maggio” this is to portray smiths dream of his future interest and his role model when Smith was young. The fact that it is abrupt and “fragmented seems to suggests that his “dream” was cut short and wasn’t properly formed suggesting that Smith was only young when all of this was taking place. This also makes the reader feel sorry for Smith as it all seems to indicate to Smith not being a feeling like a full person and in fact isolated from the rest of society.

Capote uses the concrete noun phrase “catholic orphanage’” the use of catholic connotes innocence, love, care and hope. And this is almost a contradiction of what actually happens within the orphanage. The concrete noun “orphanage” connotes a youth, sadness, innocence and vulnerability. This then contrasts with the concrete metaphor “black widows” the metaphorical usage here connotes deadly and dangerous. A black widow is spider, which is feared, so this is a complete contrast of the use of concrete noun phrase “catholic orphanage”. This also seems to show that there is hidden deception within this innocent places and suggests that Smith was deceived by the orphanage.

The fact that capote used