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Caleb Wong
November 10,2014
Kim vs. JLC

Authors have always criticized each other’s writings many years in their context and the way they write. Elaine Kim poses a criticism towards Amy Tam’s writing of The Joy Luck Club. Elaine was against how Amy wrote her book thinks that Asian authors are brainwashed by mainstream publishers and readers to write about people immigrating to different places. She believes that people want to see “progress” from savagery to civilization, but The Joy Luck Club refutes her statement by talking about the better lives immigrants find in America. I qualify Kim’s statement because there are different matters that need to be seen before making that statement like history and styles of people.

Elaine’s statement is kind of true to The Joy Luck Club but also does not totally concern it. It is true how authors try to write only to please the desires of the readers, which Elaine explains in her statement in how people want to see “progress from savagery to civilization. Authors are brainwashed by mainstream publishers and readers, which alters the way they write their books and stories. Although Elaine has a good point in how people are changing in their writing, she criticizes Amy in how she writes which is wrong because each person has his or her own preference in writing. Amy and Elaine’s style are different which isn’t our choice weather to judge, which one is better or not. Each author has their own goal in what they want to share weather it is a moral, lesson, history, etc. Plus, you can’t blame Amy for the way she wrote about