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Winnie The Pooh quotes vie Faithful readers know that, when it comes to feminists who struggle with their own internalized misogyny, the spinster aunt is forbearance itself. But I just have to say I am goddam astonished by some of the comments on the Meghan McCain post. And I’ve survived not only the Great Hummer Wars of Aught-Six, but also Fucktardgate, Concentration-Camp-As-A-Metaphor-For-Public-School-Gate, Foie Grasgate, and of course dear old Cuntalinagate, to name but a few, so when a blog comment astonishes me, that’s saying something.

If you’re one of the drive-by blamers who skips the comments section — perhaps because you justifiably fear encountering sentences that begin with lowercase letters — you have not been privy to the interesting result of a study I didn’t even know I was conducting. That is: something about McCain’s photo [click here for the backstory] induced some otherwise reasonable women — women who self-select as advanced patriarchy-blamers — to take their latent sexism out for a tiptoe through the tulips.

What gives?

Having analyzed the raw data, the Spinstitute for the Study of Feminine Odor’s preliminary findings are these: an acute sensitivity of the viewer to messages encoded in pornography has led to a sort of confusion, or unresolved conflict, between patriarchal mores concerning the implicit nature of women, and the antifeminist implications of femininity performed at or near pornographic levels.

In other words, a small subset of blamers — at times deploying rhetoric which is indistinguishable from that of Dude Nation — has apparently determined that McCain’s potential to benefit from her position on a pornulational continuum justifies sex-based castigation. That this castigation is ostensibly offered as a critique of patriarchy speaks to the confusion to which I previously alluded.

These findings were surprising, as I had more or less expected some more or less universal analysis from a radical feminist viewpoint, an analysis covering the social and political factors that form the armature of a matrix of femininity in which all women’s behavior — including wardrobe, grooming, and facial expression — is rigidly monitored and restricted.

Such are the vagaries of blaming.

Excerpts of some of these comments follow. Nearly all of these comments also contain mitigating “I also blame the patriarchy!” remarks, making for a bizarre juxtaposition of sublimated patriarchy-blaming and subconscious, knee-jerk misogyny. Click the handy links for full context.