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In the work field of costmetology workers make around $22,500 a year . Most clients like their appointments in the evenings, after their work hours or on the weekends. Due to working later in the day and weekends many costmetologists work part time and hold another job on the side. Although, some self-employed workers have longer hours. In order to become a costmetologist someone must have a high school diploma and completed a state-licensed cosmetology school. One can also take a program in high school for hairstyling sevices or in vocational schools. A full-time program in costmetology usually last around nine months and can sometimes lead to a associate's degree. Most workers take advanced courses to keep up with the popular hair styles. If workers want to eventually open their own bussiness they can also take a course in sales and marketing. In order to qualify for a license a must be of the age of sixteen. To graduate from a cosmetology school you must take a licensing exam. The exam includes a written test and, sometimes, a practical test of styling skills or an oral exam. To apply for your costmetology license, in most cases, students must pay a fee. Renewals may be neccesary periodicly. Cosmetologist have many duties in there job. During a clients visit they must inspect hair, face, and scalp to recommend a treatment to help. Workers should always discuss hairstyle options and wash, color, and condition hair. After that, they may need to cut or trim, dry, and…