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English Ethnicity Paper

Along with many other Americans, I am a mixture of many different cultures. People all around America do not even know or understand that their ancestors are from another country. Many Americans also can’t even look back to know who their ancestors are a couple generations back. I have a lot of ancestors who come from Germany, Italy, and England. I have decided to research about England because I have traveled to both Italy and Germany before, and would like to know a little more information on England and what its like. My ancestors came to America in hopes of freedom from the British ruler King George the 3rd. They also came in hopes for religious freedom in 1689. In England the population is 49,138,831 people, 25,216,687 being female, and 23,922,144 being male. It is bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales to the west, with water borders of the Irish, Celtic, and North Sea. People who live in England have a very unpredictable continent when it comes to climate, it has 4 distinct seasons. In the summer months, there is a lot of sun, in the winter there are some snow showers and clear sky’s. The fall and spring months are the countries best seasons weather wise. England is divided into two major regions called the highland and lowland zones. In the highland zone there are big hills and mountains. The lowlands are mostly rolling plains. The Stonehenge in England is the most famous monument that was built close to five thousand years ago by dragging each stone into place. This monument is on Salisbury plain, in Wiltshire. The Buckingham Palace is in London is also another famous landmark and home of the British Royal family. In 1876, Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India. Also in 1878, women were admitted to degree courses at the University Of London. These two major events in history were events that changed the country greatly. While walking down the street, it is easy to pick out someone who’s from England on their accent. As you travel west in England there are more brown haired people and north more blonde haired people, this is a way you can make an assumption of what part of England someone is from when meeting them. Some famous names you might recognize are William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, and Benjamin Britten. These people are all famous people who are from England that you might or might not have known about. The six subsistence strategies are Hunting/Gathering, Horticulture, Pastoralism, agriculture, industrialism, and information. In England the citizens hunt fox for food. In the early ages of England a type of horticulture was gardening, in the twentieth century. In England they plant orchards and gardens with many different things in them including herbs, shrubs, and fruit trees. Pastoralism is surviving using herding of domesticated animals for their meat, hides, and milk, which has been done in England and is still being done. In England Pastoralism is done by using sheep and cows for their milk and meat to survive. The major industries of England are machine tools, electric power equipment, automation equipment, and railroad equipment. These are all parts of England’s industrialism. Cereals, oilseed, potatoes, vegetables, cattle, sheep, poultry, and fish are the main parts of agriculture in England. Some major ways information is distributed in England is through schools, banks, and laws. Education is one of the most important parts of the people’s lives. There are many different technologies used, big or small, throughout all of the subsistence strategies in England. The subsistence strategy of hunting and gathering uses the technologies of hunting dogs to attack the fox and kill them. Another tool used to hunt the fox is horses. The hunters ride the horse around while they hunt for the fox. The technologies used in horticulture are shovels to plant seeds of plants and to use rakes to pick the plants when they are ready to be harvested. Technology’s that are