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Firstly I was at outside with my friends riding our bikes down the enormous road, it was really boiling hot and I was sweating like it was my last day of day in the planet.
My friends decided to go home and leave me by my self because they couldn't hack the sweat dripping down the forehead to their shirt.
Unforunalty I didn't want to go home now because I still wanted to try out my new bike my dad bought me and if I go home now they wont let me it till tomorrow and I cant wait for that long, It’s never been this loud in the Yankee before; it’s sounds like a football match between the best team in world Barcelona vs. real Madrid.

The compound was loud as ever, everyone was cheering because they was watching the baseball game that was taking place in the middle of the courtyard till we all heard 2 gun shots Bang! Bang! The compound turned absolute silent it took less then 2 second for everyone in the compound to be quiet.
Everyone was confused no one knew what was happening, I tried to peddle back home as fast as I could but when I looked left I saw a car with a roaring engine coming towards me I tried to focus on who was driving the car so I can see who it was; but my heart was beating to fast and I just wanted to get back to my parents but I gave the car one last look and all I see was a man with a assault rifle shooting everyone that came in his way. Why did he do that? I was just trying to figure out what was going on but there was no time.

I was near my house but the car was to close to me and I was panicking thinking I was going to get shot till I heard someone say my name Peter! Peter! My heart stopped straight away I turned back and I see my dad I was in shock so I decided to stay on my bike as my dad was running towards me I saw the same people in car with the assault rifles roaring and coming towards us again and shot my dad on his knees and shot his head right in