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Past and present women have maintained specific roles because of their genders resulting in burdens and often hardships. Not only did they endure burden and hardships it also may have been an emotional strain due to the limits of their culture. In "Like water for chocolate” by Laura Esquirel this aspect of Mexican culture and its effects are displayed through the main character.
In Mexican society women were expected to be housewives. The girls of the family are also kept under strict control until the time they got married. As in like water for chocolate the youngest daughter Tita has been appointed the role of domestic duties within the household. In a traditional Mexican family it is the man who is head of the household and took care of most duties, but in this story the father left the household and left them to fend for themselves. Tita ever knew of life outside of her home. For Tita she her joy was the kitchen she was never able to go outside and learn about anything outside the home (7). Nancha was the one who taught Tita everything she knew. Mama Elena didn't mind because she had to take care of the ranch and wanted all of her children to have the best education and food (6-7). Tita was not allowed to find true love because Mama Elena had other plans for her. In that household the youngest daughter had to take care of her mother until the day she died. There was no time for the youngest to ever love (10). It was always a mothers duty to love their child especially