English Feedback Essay

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Ryan Schrope
English III
Mrs. Carter
12 August 2013
Video Descriptions

Literacy Empowers: This clip raises the average American teenager’s awareness about what’s going on in the world around them. Millions of people don’t even have the opportunity to learn basic skills like reading. God has given most Americans the somewhat unappreciated opportunity to be well educated. We need to take what we are given and make the best of it. Illiteracy as an adult can cause many problems, and keep you from having a successful career and life.

President Obama on the Importance of Education: This clip explains the benefits of a strong education. Taking what you hear in school and learning from it helps you be prepared to solve everyday problems. This could be being a light to someone’s day by solving his or her problem, or finding a way around your own. Education leads to solid, lasting achievements for your life. Use the gift of education that God has given you.

Education- Transform Your World One Child at a Time: This clip raises awareness for the illiteracy rates around the world. It gives many figures about the problems, encouraging people like you to help. Don’t waste your opportunities to help, and be a hero to yourself by listening and paying attention at school. God gave Moses the gift of education, and Moses used it to lead God’s people. God will do strong things through you with the skills you have.

The Importance of Math: This clip addresses the…