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Paige Perault
English 101
April 28, 2014

Why I deserve an A

Everyone wants to believe they deserve an A in a course if they did all of the assigned work on time, but more goes into an A than just your school work passed in. An A student attends all classes they possibly can, with the exception of illness and other duties. They also have a positive attitude and never complain about an assignment or its due date. Lastly, an A student works hard to produce material at the best of their ability. I believe that I have done all of these things this year and deserve a final grade of an A in English 101. My attendance was not great but I think I did my best on coming to each class possible. It has been a little spotty at times this semester, I’ll admit. Due to the harsh winter and the high stress in my life I have been getting ill frequently. When possible, I got a doctors note to excuse those. All other absences were military related and unavoidable. Having provided all documentation to excuse a few absences, my attendance was not so bad. I am proud of myself for being able to wake up at the crack of dawn and go to school when I really, really wanted to sleep in after a long night at work. As for doing my assignments and turning them in on time I have never missed a beat. Since the very beginning I’ve read material assigned, turned in all required material and have done all classwork that was handed out. I think I may have been a day or two late on one paper because I was on military orders the Friday it was assigned, therefore I was not aware of it. Although I had slightly less time to work on it, I still got it done and did it well. I have never complained about the essays we had to write or claimed that “yeah I’ll get it done