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English 120
John Levvin
Bruce Deggar
Jan 31

I live in the city where snow is a usual thing. That’s why every winter I go snowboarding with my friends or family. I really like riding on the snow. First time I went snowboarding was about 4 years ago. I went with my father, and we both know nothing about snowboarding. We took an instructor, and in the end of a day I was riding well. After that day I went to the ski resort almost every weekend. Next winter I bought my own equipment. There were snowboard with boots, protecting helmet, and special waterproof suit. Also I like dancing. I went to my first dance class when I was 15. Since then I very enjoyed dancing, with friends, on parties or any other events. My favorite dance style is a hip-hop. I was taking hip-hop classes in my country and also in Grossmont college at fall semester.
My last English class was in Grossmont college last semester. It was ESL 119 with professor Nichols. The class wasn’t so challenging. There was about 5 essays, tests and research paper. I think I improved my writing and listening skills in this class, but still they are not so good. I learned how to write good 3-4 pages papers. My reading skills barely improved, because there was not so much reading in this class.
In my next English class I want to improve my reading and writing skills. Because in the following future I will be read a lot, and do a lot of papers in university and college. I want to be ready for future essays, compositions