English: Free will and Decisions Essay

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Since you have the free will to choose your future you can become what you want in life. Such as a doctor or a lawyer, this benefits your future and your accomplishments in life. Making your own choices allows you to achieve independence. Whereas you can only tell yourself what you want to do and what not to do. We don’t choose every experience we have but after obtaining an experience we have a choice to either continue our behaviour as are or make a change. Free will to me is the ability to make choices and decisions without any barriers. This helps ones future in giving them the freedom to choose what they want to do and who they want to be. I believe that free will allows me to achieve independence. It allows me to undertake any dream or vision I may have for my life. I will accept any situations that come forward, through my actions. Aside from the uncontrollable circumstances, my reactions to those consequences are in my own hands. For example, as a result working independently to achieve your goal will increase my abilities and workforce. Free will and independence inform each other, where I cannot be independent without being free. Therefore I cannot be financially independent without being free from financial dependence on others. When I am working I am based on my opinions and thoughts. Also, working independently gives me an understanding of how real life is when my typical surroundings are not around. I do not depend on anyone, if something has to be done, I will do it rather than wasting time waiting for someone to do it. Not everything has to be done together, there has to be a time where you have to do your own things, in order for you to have own success. I am determined to work independently with my own knowledge. This is one reason why I believe achieving independently makes more sense than, collaborating with others. Secondly, Free will helps me make decisions based on my past experiences without any restrictions, but after obtaining an experience we have a choice to either continue our behaviour as is or make a change. Making certain decisions allows me to understand the concept of a new experience and situations I will face. I don’t choose my own circumstances, its either I work for it or not. For example: When I was in grade ten I failed math and then took it again in grade 11 and failed again. I did not realize I was taking an advanced level, instead of taking a minor level. Then it came to mind to me to take responsibility for my actions because I would not be able to graduate high school without a math credit. I thought I was ready to compete with others in a high level, but it did